The pitch-black skies of Atacama – An Astronomer’s paradise

Is this for real? That was probably my first thought once the Sun was well on it’s way to light up the other side of the globe… Try to remember the last time you have witnessed a toddler see or experience something in his or her life for the first time. That wide open eyes and the smile in wonder, saying whaaaat the heck is this? 🙂

Well, that is how you will feel when you experience the night sky of Atacama desert for the first time. If you are passionate about astronomy or god-forbid astrophotography you will be ON FIRE.

It is quite hard to put into words those moments that leave you speechless.

I will try to help you imagine this, but you must experience it for your self in order to truly understand me and feel what I am talking about.

First, try imagining a dark room with no windows. That is how dark it gets. Depending on the time of the year and the moon phase, this darkness won’t last forever, but you should get a few hours of pitch black darkness around you. I am talking real dark. You do not see anything.

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