A weekend road trip to Uluru (Ayers rock)

Our Australian adventure happened in early 2018. I was about a year overdue to pay my cousins in Melbourne a visit. Visa paperwork, business…. anyhow, once I got the Visa I called Michael and told him, “Dude, I am flying down south next week, I want to see that big red rock :)”.

We had about a week time and had an amazing journey from Melbourne to Uluru. Long story short – this happened much before we decided to make this website, so we will be posting more details in the future. However, here is a crash course on how to visit Uluru from a major city in Australia in just a few days.

The ultimate journey would be to drive all the way from Melbourne or Sidney to Uluru and that would probably take you about two weeks to get there and back. A shorter version would be:

  1. Catch a flight from Melbourne (or any other city) to Alice Springs
  2. Rent a 4×4 form a local rental business.
  3. Drive to Uluru
  4. Spend a night, have fun
  5. Drive back to Alice Springs
  6. Fly back to Melbourne


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