A Journey Into The Middle of Nowhere

“Sometimes getting lost is how we find ourselves.” - Robert Tew

About us

TURN A LEFT AT LOST is all about journeys to the middle of nowhere by road. Why road? Well, we believe it’s a great pace to see the world. It’s comfortable, fast-ish, but still slow enough to allow you to stop and really take your surroundings in along the way. There’s a special feeling that comes from being in the middle of nowhere. It is a place in your soul where you forget about the yesterdays and tomorrows. A place where your mind is fully focused and experiencing the present and you are truly breathing in life. A place of endless joy and we would really love to help you get there. 

This is a story of two cousins living on opposite sides of the planet. We meet every year and continue our quest for that illusive middle of nowhere place. If you’re into roadtrips, epic adventures into the unknown and discovering some cool shit on this crazy rock we all call home then this is the place for you!

Hit the road Jack

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